Endorsements and Reviews

Deborah Riley-Magnus soon had  our writers meeting abuzz with enthusiasm. Deborah is a pro with timely  strategies writers can turn to in these changing times in publishing. Those of  us with a book, or working on one, can use her tips right away.
~ Allene Symons, program co-chair California Writers Club of Long Beach 


Awesome, heart-centered help from someone who really knows what she’s doing.

Demi Stevens, owner, Year of The Book Press

Before spending time with Deborah Riley-Magnus, I thought marketing was the devil—or at least beyond my capabilities—so I did little to promote my books. The proof was in my sales which were great with my friends, and friends of friends, but did little more than that. After working with Deb, I have a whole new outlook, realize there are many creative ways of marketing, and am excited about my next steps. I write books I know my readers will love... now I’m ready to go find my audience.

Gloria Baer Bostic, Author

Deb’s marketing advice made a world of difference in how I described a book I was querying. Using what she taught me in my query letter got agent attention immediately. I started getting requests for my manuscript where before I wouldn’t hear anything. I’ll always consult with Deb before querying. She’s a treasure!

Jen Sako, Author

Although I have studied and read Deborah's books on marketing for writers, and attended a few of her in-person workshops, I somehow succumbed to the-forest-for-the-trees syndrome in promoting my own online courses and guidebooks for writers. Feeling particularly frustrated at the marketing end of things, I scheduled a one-hour consult with Deborah. She listened to my laments and quickly pointed out simple little things that I had overlooked, elements that I had forgotten were necessary in reaching potential clients. Deborah offered many great suggestions - ones that wouldn't cost me money to implement. Her advice was more valuable than gold!

Catherine E. McLean, Author, Writing Instructor

I've attended Deborah Riley-Magnus workshops and learned how to better market my published books. Deb shared several creative ways to market that take the stigma out of the marketing process.

Carol Silvas, Author of fiction and nonfiction

Her approach makes so much sense. Mix that in with a little bit of boldness & you've got a plan that so few authors are doing! I still hear her voice: "What are you waiting for?" Yeah, you gotta do it and do it now!

Bernadette Walsh-Sukley, Author

Without a doubt, Riley-Magnus turns writers...particularly novelists...in circles in regards to marketing. Her guidance opens up new vistas, totally changes the way a writer (well, THIS writer) has thought about marketing. It's rearranging the imaginative possibilities and coming up with ways to connect with an audience we hadn't realized was out there. Be prepared to rework your thinking on the road to better sales.

Beth Daniels, Author

So many ideas and filled with things that people have misconceptions about for marketing their books. In just a few pages were ideas so good (and should have been obvious), one can trip over themselves going to do them. Looking forward to doing even more.

Anja, Amazon review

"Write Brain Left Brain" is a real “must read” book for writers. From advice on creating smart tweets to tackling misconceptions about marketing books, Deborah Riley-Magnus’ “Write Brain Left Brain” is a book that all writers should read. Using creative dragon analogy to debunk the myth that writing books is creative but marketing them is an odious “left brain” task, Riley-Magnus charts a course for achieving success. The marketing advice in “Write Brain Left Brain” will triumph over as many negative, combatant “dragons” as its readers choose to slay. The victory of success is apt to be proportional to readers’ decisions and aptitude to apply these winning techniques to their marketing effort.

Stephanie Parker McKean, Author