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Cross Marketing Magic
Cross Marketing Magic for Authors

Deborah Riley-Magnus is a marketing guru, and it shows in her marketing workshops where she shares invaluable information every published author can use. Debbie’s enthusiasm is catchy, giving participants the boost they need to take on the often daunting task of marketing their work.

~ Carole Silvis
President, Pennwriters

Deborah Riley-Magnus soon had our writers meeting abuzz with enthusiasm. Deborah is a pro with timely strategies writers can turn to in these changing times in publishing. Those of us with a book, or working on one, can use her tips right away.

~ Allene Symons, program co-chair
California Writers Club of Long Beach

The Author Success Coach

Workshops - Online

For more information on any of these workshops, please contact
Deborah Riley-Magnus
2018 Online Workshops
Short & Helpful Write Workshops
February, March, April and September, October, November 2018
$250 per student

This six-month workshop has six information packed lessons and a year of coaching. Workshops are taught the way we learn—audio, visual, and interactive.

  • Using your Words for Marketing
  • Hooking the RIGHT Book Buyers
  • Growing Audience
  • The Charity Effect
  • Socially Networked
  • Keeping your Marketing Momentum Alive
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North Eastern Ohio RWA (NEORWA)
Down the Author Marketing Rabbit Hole
March 5 - 30, 2018
$20.00 per student

It’s time for authors to make peace with marketing, and one sure way to do that is to simply let loose and take the leap down that strange and surprisingly creative rabbit hole!

  • The Difference between Selling and Allowing People to Buy
  • Creative Ways to Identify and Target Book Buyers
  • The Lowest Hanging Fruit and How to Get More of It
  • Powerful Secondary Markets
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Pennwriters Online Classes
The Care and Feeding of Your Marketing Muse
April 2 - 28, 2018
$49.00 per student

Yes, believe it or not, marketing is as creative as writing. Honest! And once an author learns the power of real creative marketing, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished. Learn to release your distaste for marketing, come to the bright side of creating book sales, and discover multiple ways to keep your marketing muse as creative and exciting as your writing muse. This workshop is a full month, is for authors and writers of all levels, and covers the following topics:

  • The Difference between Selling and Allowing People to Buy
  • Identifying YOUR Book Buyer
  • Ways to Stand Apart from the Competition
  • ©SuperGenre Market Expansion
  • Keeping your Marketing Momentum Alive
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North Eastern Ohio RWA (NEORWA)

Pinterest for Book Sales

May 7 - June 1, 2018
$20.00 per student

Authors, what do you really know about Pinterest? Is it only about posting pretty pictures and wasting time online? What if you could actually use it to SELL MORE BOOKS? Imagine taking the creativity inside your book and rocketing it high on the visual impact platform Pinterest offers! I’m not talking about just posting your book covers and crossing your fingers. I’m talking about true marketing activity that pulls sales. This is a brief, fun, and informative two-week mini workshop and covers the following topics:

  • Creating Powerful ©StimulusPosts
  • Building an Effective Pintrest Board
  • Making Pinterest your Book Marketing Springboard
  • Where and How to Promote your Pinterest Boards for Book Sales
Pennwriters Online Classes
Marketing Time Management for Authors
September 3 - 30, 2018
$49.00 per student

It’s the classic author whine … “If I market I have no time to write!” The truth of the matter is that more than marketing eats into our writing time, and only a serious commitment to time management can give us the flexibility and freedom to get it all done without exhausting ourselves. This workshop is filled with tips and tools to help the author respect and give fair attention to every aspect of the authors life, but also protect their extremely important writing time. This workshop is a full month, is for authors and writers of all levels, and covers the following topics:

  • Your Social Media Time
  • Your Blogging Time
  • Your Writing Time
  • Your Personal Time