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Write Brain Left Brain
Write Brain/Left Brain

Cross Marketing Magic
Cross Marketing Magic for Authors

Deborah Riley-Magnus is a marketing guru, and it shows in her marketing workshops where she shares invaluable information every published author can use. Debbie’s enthusiasm is catchy, giving participants the boost they need to take on the often daunting task of marketing their work.

~ Carole Silvis
President, Pennwriters

Deborah Riley-Magnus soon had our writers meeting abuzz with enthusiasm. Deborah is a pro with timely strategies writers can turn to in these changing times in publishing. Those of us with a book, or working on one, can use her tips right away.

~ Allene Symons, program co-chair
California Writers Club of Long Beach

The Author Success Coach

About the Books

Bridging the Gap Between Creative Writer and Marketing Author

Write Brain Left Brain Marketing is a very scary prospect for authors. It seems like a foreign language meant to be spoken in a far off land without an embassy to help explain the culture. None of this is true. It isn’t marketing that’s the issue—it’s a fear and general misunderstanding of marketing in relation to an author’s talents and skill set.

Authors are creative people who solve problems within their imagination. Just because they’ve never been creative within the marketing universe does not mean they can’t. In fact, the more creative a marketing author is, the further they step away from the competition and ineffective marketing strategies, and the more book sales success they will find.

Write Brain/Left Brain is the goose with the golden egg. These pages open doors to thinking outside the box and away from the noisy competition. It encourages authors to see the bigger book buying world, imaginatively seek out broader audiences, and always trust their creative nose to accomplish their book sales goals. This book is designed to remove an author’s fear of marketing and replace it with the inventive possibilities specific to the book marketed.

Authors, open your mind and take the empowering leap into the astonishing, imaginative marketing playground.

Developing New Avenues for Advanced Book Marketing

Cross Marketing Magic It takes a great amount of creativity and inventiveness to break barriers and forge a path to big book sales. Authors have that in spades; they just need a little guidance to tap into it. Most authors forget how imaginative they are the moment the words marketing, promotions or publicity come into the conversation. They follow the crowd and find their message lost in the noisy mob of other shouting authors. It’s time to break free and find real sales success.

Writing the book is only half the journey. Using all the enchanting and mystical ingenuity that went into that book is the power that will pull an author to success for a very long time. Cross Marketing Magic for Authors is an advanced marketing guide.  In this book you will learn:

  • How to uncover the unique Cross Markets within your manuscript
  • How to expand your Platforms for broader reach into alternative target audiences
  • How to develop and use your book’s unique SUPER Genres to locate and approach new Cross Markets
  • How to maintain, grow and test your Cross Markets

There is real magic in every author’s arsenal, they just need to know how to find it. Gain more book sales, revive slow sales, rejuvenate sales for a flat lined back list, and do it all in places no other author is looking. Cross Marketing Magic for Authors puts all the right spells into an author’s hands.